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The Process
it all begins with you contacting GET-CREDENTIALED, via a telephone call, or on-line, by filling out the form at the bottom of this page…

  • Once GET-CREDENTIALED is contacted by you, one of our senior sales staff will, by phone or face-to-face, explain to you the services we have to offer, review the step-by-step process, the fees involved, and the benefits to you in both time and money.

  • Upon finding GET-CREDENTIALED’s services and fee schedule satisfactory, we will provide you with a contract,(delivered by mail, FedEx, or hand delivered), for you to sign, verifying the services to be rendered, costs, and assuring our client’s “protection of information” allowing GET–CREDENTIALED to protect all private and sensitive information.

  • After the contract is signed, we will assign you an Account Executive, who will be able to answer all your questions at every stage of the credentialing process.

  • Your GET-CREDENTIALED Account Executive will ask you to complete a “one time” informational gathering document. This “universal” form/document is uniquely designed to capture ALL of the necessary information required in the credentialing process including: personal identification, demographical information, educational/professional/medical certifications/dates/numbers, as well as tax ID numbers, (click here for a more detailed list of information collected).

  • As soon as you submit the universal form/document to us, your Account Executive will review the document for any possible omissions, obvious errors, and discrepancies, in order to avoid processing delays or initial rejections. Your Account Executive will contact you if they identify any issues that need resolution.

  • Once the form has been reviewed and any identifiable adjustments/corrections have been made, the Medicare and Medicaid applications are filled out and completed, with data culled from the “universal” data supplied by the client and re-checked for completeness and accuracy by trained GET-CREDENTIALED staff.

  • At this point CAQH applications, as well as applications for all insurance carriers selected by the client, are filled out and completed with data culled from the “universal” data supplied by the client and re-checked for completeness and accuracy by trained GET-CREDENTIALED staff.

  • Completed credentialing forms are sent/delivered to the clients for “signature”, (and review if desired), along with pre-addressed, stamped envelopes to the various insurance panel membership processing facilities.

  • Approximately one, (1), month after the applications for insurance panel memberships have been mailed to their respective processing facilities, GET-CREDENTIALED staff will begin the process of “application” tracking, checking the status and stage of the application within the various insurance company’s and governmental internal processing systems. The tracking process continues, (no less than monthly), for each insurance application until the client has attained “active” status on that insurance provider’s network of approved panel membership AND the client has been issued an accredited provider ID#.

It is important to note the following:

  1. To accurately complete and review a typical insurance panel membership application takes approximately 3-4 hours.

  2. The review mechanisms of an INSURANCE CARRIER to process a typical application varies from two (2) –to- six (6) months. Duration times depend on the volume of applications and resources of the insurance companies. It is always suggested that clients complete the forms and forward them to us promptly AND once completed applications are sent to the client for “signature”, that the client review, sign, and mail the applications AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  3. We strongly suggest that healthcare professionals begin the application process as soon as they know their practice is opening, and avoid unnecessary delays by hiring a professional credentialing company, like GET-CREDENTIALED.

  4. GET- CREDENTIALED’s Account Executives have earned a reputation of maintaining close professional relationships with our client’s, whether they be a hospital’s administrative staff, a large practice, or one-on-one with an individual healthcare provider. If for ANY reason, a client is uncomfortable with their assigned Account Executive, another Account Executive will be assigned to you.

If you are interested in learning more about the services we provide OR would like to start the process contact us by phone OR fill out the on-line request form below.

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